The Bedford Sixth Form

I have been working with the Bedford College Group for a few years and in 2023 they entrusted me with the communication design for the Sixth Form:

  • The Bedford Sixth Form
  • The Corby Sixth Form

In March 2023 I started with the most important project that set the brand for the current year: the prospectus of the 2024/25 courses. The only requests were to maintain a style in line with the past and to use the brand guidelines (colours and typeface), furthermore, the design also had to think about the different uses during the year: guides for open days, digital banners, posters and many other interior uses.

In the communication I proposed the massive use of dynamic QR codes, these allow us to monitor the documents in which they are used and therefore to manage better the resources, understanding which and how the documents are used.

The Prospectus

…and the Prospectus in your Pocket, a simple business card with a QR code connected to the digital format of the Prospectus.

Info brochures

Customer Feedback

I´ve been working with Alberto for almost a year and all I have to say is that Alberto is a great professional, he puts a lot of effort and dedication in everything he does. Alberto listens carefully the briefing and he´s able to provide me (and to The Bedford College Group) outstanding design works that suits our needs and expectations. Alberto never let you down, even with tight deadlines to work on. I must thank Alberto for his dedication and amazing work. I can´t recommend him enough.

Inês Agostinho de Jesus – Marketing Executive for Sixth Forms