My approach

Hi, my name is Alberto Speziali and I am a Graphic Designer, but I prefer to define myself as a creative thinker. I am based in the UK and work in partnership with clients on a variety of projects such as branding, packaging, website, digital and print design.

The creative process

My approach to the creative process is like a journey that I undertake together in partnership with the client, step by step, guiding the client towards our agreed goals, and where every strategic decision is agreed upon along the way.

This process is based on four main steps:

1 – The brief

A critical phase of discovery and learning, which consists of a meeting between you (client) and me (designer). This phase helps me to understand the company and allows us to really get to know each other, allowing me to get under the skin of the business. Together we will identify and agree on project objectives, deadlines and budgets.

2 – Research & Solutions

Therefore, with the Brief which we will develop together as a guideline, I will conduct research on key competitors, styles, trends, and connections that will support the development of relevant and effective ideas. I will select the strongest ideas which we will evaluate together by comparing them against our agreed Brief. Each idea will be supported by an explanation for the choices made. Once I receive your feedback including any agreed adjustments or development, I can proceed to the next step.

3 – Development

Together we will evaluate any changes or adaptations to produce the final layouts that will be approved by you. In this advanced creative stage, I will refine the solution, develop the final artwork, and keep a firm eye on the detail which will ensure the final solution is specifically targeted to your business.

4 – Finishing & Delivery

This final stage is a real joy for me – the satisfaction of the customer seeing the final design realized. You will be given the necessary files for sending to the printer, to their exact specifications, or digital artwork files for web, social and digital marketing. I like to build long-term relationships with all my clients, so once we have launched your project, we can both monitor effectiveness for long-term growth and impact, as well as hopefully exploring other ways to work together.