Fedrigoni Constellation lyrical music box: the design process

Fedrigoni YCN brief asks to design a unique Christmas gift dedicated to key customers in the UK. The item must promote the Fedrigoni Constellation range of cards.

The project asks me to create a memorable object for a target that is difficult to amaze which is the creative world.
This is the main point as well as other details such as the social implications of Christmas to be considered primarily as a commercial event, eliminating the religious implications.

In fact, as a first observation, I developed a symbol completely detached from the religious sense of the moment as the target is multicultural.

Now the problem is how to appreciate the textures that each type of paper has. From my commercial experience, some sales rules re-emerged from which I took the most important one: the customer who picks up a product buys it.

So the connection to making the target play with the various types of cards. The idea of the music box was born by observing an 18th-century “record player” at the Musee de l’Arme in Paris and by the constellation of the Lira (the only constellation that represents an instrument).

The challenge within the challenge was the structural design of the box, designing a box that could contain, in an ergonomic way, the strips of paper, divided into collections, the mechanism for reproducing the sound and the graphics while maintaining the rules of the Fedrigoni brand.

There are three types of paper in the Constellation collection: Snow (very white), Jade (silver/metallic) and Ivory, all of which have different textures. So I assigned all typical Christmas songs to the Snow cards. To the Jade cards, as they have a silver/metal finish, songs from the Heavy Metal/Rock world that have the word star in the text (example: Star man – D. Bowie).

And finally, the Ivory range of operas that have a connection with the stars such as Nocture, Op. 9 – F. Chopin.

Thanks go to Bedford College who supported me with their equipment in the various departments (3D laboratory, large format printing, materials) in the development of this successful project.

YCN 2017 award

7 september 2017 – Barbican Center, London

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