Bella Ciao!

A celebration of Italian culture

Bella Ciao! It is the title of the most famous song of the resistance in Italy during the Second World War, the song of the partisans against the Nazi-Fascist occupation. Bella Ciao today is a symbol of freedom and to celebrate them in April the Bedford Music Club (

Bedford Music Club asked me to design the “Bella Ciao!” brand! An amazing celebration of Italian culture and the wonderful Italian community in Bedford.

Initially, I looked for something that identified Italy without being or falling into clich├ęs. After some research, I realized that gestures are a characteristic, not only Italian, but which distinguishes us abroad and helps us communicate, but also a form of art (think mimicry).
So I developed a fresh design using the colours of the flag and Savoy Blue (the colour of the national teams in sport).
The typeface I also made an unusual choice here but linked to post-war Italian design (Olivetti), a sans-serif font which allowed me to give a bold but orderly sense to the lines, excellent readability even in the compressed form, which is necessary for the small calendar of events (A6 format).

Invite and Calendar – Bella Ciao! Bedford

  • Events calendar - Cover
  • Events calendar - Back-Cover and Cover
  • Events calendar
  • Events calendar - Events detail
  • Events calendar - Events detail

See the calendar pdf in action

Bella Ciao! promotional video by Ella


Program and texts of works with English translation.

Gesture dictionary

Brand on work