Artetmode is a “fashion school and creative space”.

Italian Fashion Stylist Cinzia Sassone, CEO of Artetmode, a professional fashion design school, contacted me during the COVID lockdown, she asked to design a strong brand and corporate identity to rebrand the school. Artetmode is a private school offering three-year and two-year professional courses in the fashion industry, aimed primarily at stylists, tailors and pattern makers. Furthermore, Cinzia, inside the school building, in addition to cultural, creative and artistic initiatives, has created an innovative laboratory of unique products: Art_Lab.


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To give greater visibility to my teaching philosophy, I created Art@mode its recognizable brand dedicated to a young audience: recent graduates or professionals who want to delve deeper into specific techniques.

In addition to the objective described, we also considered an adult audience of fashion enthusiasts, interested in developing skills in the sector of tailoring techniques.
Instead, for Art_Lab we designed a true SubBrand dedicated to B2C aimed at creative innovation in the fashion field.

An example is “Vestiti d’Artista”, presented at the “Salone del Libro” in Milan, a success for eco-sustainable clothes in a single model intended for television and entertainment personalities.

The brand’s design is inspired by the coloured light bulb (symbol of brilliant creativity) made up of objects from the world of fashion: the mannequin, the spool of thread and the tape measure to refine the shape.

The “splat colours” are the light when turned on, and we have defined them as yellow, red and green:

  • Yellow is the light of ideas that suddenly light up vibrantly
  • Crimson Red is creativity and intense passion for fashion and the fashion system
  • Green, the resilient, is a vision of the future and hope for the students who want to share their education with Artetmode.
  • Research & Moodboard
  • Logo design
  • Typography

The Splat

Art_Lab sub-brand