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Brand design for Artetmode

Background & Brief

Brand design for Artetmode, professional Fashion designer school and creative space

Art@mode is a private school that offers three-year alongside two-year professional courses in the fashion industry, mainly directed to fashion designer, tailors and model makers.

Fashion Designer Cinzia Sassone, a couple of years ago, embarked on a process of relaunching and innovating the school imagine and popularity by creating a creative box, that can be described with the following words: “school of fashion and creative space”.

Within the school container, there are cultural, creative and artistic initiatives, and an innovative laboratory for unique production: Art_Lab.

To give more visibility to its teaching philosophy, Art@mode wants to create there own recognizable brand that captures a young audience: recent high school graduates or deepen specified manual techniques. In addition to the objective described, an adult audience should also be considered as well. Passion about fashion, want to develop their skills, in this regard short courses on specific topics are active and open to anyone.

Collateral activities are aimed at creative innovation in the fashion field such as the clothes produced by the internal laboratory Art_Lab which with the “Vestiti d’Artista” line showed at the “Salone del Libro” in Milan.

Brand design for Artetmode

Was inspired by the colourful light bulb of creativity with some modifications.
Cinzia loved the idea of “splat colours” and so we chose: illuminating yellow as the light of ideas that suddenly turn on energetic and bright, crimson red as creativity and intense passion for fashion and the fashion system, and finally, resilient green, green which is a vision of the future and hope in the students who want to share their training with us with strength and positivity.


why the colour sketch?

It is inspired by what you see in the eye after turning on a light bulb, closing the eyelids, It is named Splat about the sound make the colour threw on the artist canvas.

Logo design

Brand design for Artetmode logo and colours

Logotype design

Brand design for Artetmode logo and artworks

Corporate Identity

Brand design for Artetmode Corporate identity, folder, business card, invite, letterhead.


Brand design for Artetmode website Italian language

Art-Lab Fashion Design label

Brand design for Artetmode art lab, fashion label
Brand design for Artetmode art lab, fashion label marketing collateral