Graphic Design, Branding, Editorial


Brief & design process

A new Brand design in the IT sector, MARVIN is a company founded in 2007, providing IT security and IT solutions for various professional activities. Marco and Vincenzo are the two founders. The Brief that asked to create an identifiable, exciting and adaptable brand to print and digital environments.

The market to which MARVIN is aimed is located in the North West of Italy and is mainly aimed at a specific target of Professionals in the Insurance, Accounting and Legal sectors.

The IT world is based on dual elements, zero/one, open/closed, on / off like the two founders MARco and VINcenzo.
The form that usually identifies information technology is the Pixel (the favourite squares of us graphic designers), the bit Cluster (normally displayed as a rectangle).
Therefore, I inserted two squares in the name, one is negative and one is positive, so as to represent the world of 0/1 mode, on / off.

Playing with pixels and two colours, I created a shape that displays the M and V and which side by side gives a recognizable and flexible pattern for the various devices.